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HATI 2X RATA - RATA NO " INSURANCE " please becareful.

China Infra Fundamentals
What does the company do?
China Infrastructure Investment Corporation (CMH) is engaged in the investment, construction, operation and management of the Pinglin Expressway toll road and the rental of petrol stations and service districts along the toll roads. The Company’ sole business is to act as a holding Company for Wise On China Limited (WOC), and WOC acts as a holding Company for Pingdingshan Pinglin Expressway Co. The Pinglin Expressway is a part of the Nanluo Expressway, a national trunk in the expressway network in China. The Pinglin Expressway is a dual carriageway four lane expressway, the toll section of which is 106 kilometres in length. Toll revenue from vehicles passing through the Expressway’s six toll gates (South Pingdingshan, Pingdingshan New Town, Baofeng, Xiaotun, Ruzhou and Wenquan) is the primary source of the Company’s revenue. The Expressway is also located between two cities, Luoyang and Luohe.

Athersys Fundamentals
What does the company do?
Athersys, Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of therapeutic products. Through the application of its technologies, the Company has established a pipeline of therapeutic product development programs in multiple disease areas. The Company’s current product development portfolio consists of MultiStem, a patented and stem cell product that the Company is developing as a treatment for multiple disease indications, and that is being evaluated in two ongoing clinical trials. In addition, the Company are developing novel pharmaceuticals to treat indications such as obesity, certain cognitive and attention disorders, narcolepsy or other forms of excessive daytime sleepiness. In December 2008, the Company were granted authorization by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to initiate a third clinical trial, administering MultiStem for the treatment of ischemic stroke.

Atlas Pipeline Fundamentals
What does the company do?
Atlas Pipeline Holdings, L.P. owns and operates Atlas Pipeline Partners GP, LLC (Atlas Pipeline GP), the general partner of Atlas Pipeline Partners, L.P. (APL). The Company’s interest in APL consists of a 100% ownership in Atlas Pipeline GP, its general partner. APL is a midstream energy service provider engaged in the transmission, gathering and processing of natural gas in the Mid-Continent and Appalachian regions. APL is a provider of natural gas gathering services in the Anadarko, Arkoma and Permian Basins and the Golden Trend in the southwestern and mid-continent United States and the Appalachian Basin in the eastern United States. In addition, APL provides natural gas processing and treatment services in Oklahoma and Texas. APL also provides interstate gas transmission services in southeastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, southern Kansas and southeastern Missouri.

Basic dasar prediksi market lihat " real gainers ".....

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